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As with all sites of this nature, some of the information is open to debate and speculation. I'm not saying it's all right, and here's where you come in....

If you have memories of a show, ticket stubs that you can send scans of, remember a support band, a tape of a show not on my list, or any information on properly pressed CD or vinyl bootlegs, please get in touch.

The site so far has been massively (and constantly) updated over the last few years at thanks to you, the people who read it. Anything you can enlighten me on will benefit everyone who drops by here so thanks for reading and in advance of your help, I thank you!

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Questions and queries

Italy, May 1971.

Seen adverts for 2 shows on the 25th May for the Palasport in Rome but have a tape of a show from that date in Bologna

USA, July 1971.

What dates were as support to The Faces. Posters/ads differ from Faces tour archive information.

USA, August 71

22nd August, was this New Jersey with Curved Air or Washington with Elf? Press ads seen for both!

April/May 74

Did Purple play two nights in Amsterdam?

Did they play at Coventry on 28th and 29th May?





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