Without whom etc etc..... The people who have made this site possible!


The wife, my wonderful ball and chain, for accepting my foolish obsession, traipsing around Europe watching the band with me, getting my old tapes onto CD, not moaning about the clutter of my collection, the size of my credit card bills post trip, the pointless memorabilia collecting or anything else and being all round generally the perfect missus. xxx. She has also asked me to point out a number of other areas where she excels, though the only ones fit to print are all round sharp shooting clay pigeon legend and good with an iron (Morphy Richards, not Tiger Woods style).

Deep Purple for gigging and being an amazing band-Particularly RG for being an all round top guy and for all of the faciliation and entertainment he has provided. Cheers Rog!

Michael Richards for keeping me enthused when my efforts and interest were flaggging, providing numerous shows, motivation and scans as well as the definitive traders bible, the Deep Purple Live Analysis series-See the links page for more info. Also, for his tireless work on the videos section, providing me with a large number of the shows on my list and being an all round great mate.

Deep Purple Appreciation Society, their web page at www.deep-purple.net and Simon Robinson.

Jim Corrigan for the US and Canada support act information, I owe you *one*!

Scott Macarthur for the Glasgow tickets-Check out the link to the Glasgow Apollo site on the links page, a great piece of archiving and history.

Stathis Panagiotopoulos for the Greek memorabilia and other freebie stuff.

Stephen Graham for a number of tickets, passes, sleeves, corrections and pints over the years.

Nick Sovieko for venue corrections as well as plugging the project on www.thehighwaystar.com and the subsequent swamping of my inbox!

Simon Podrepsek for numerous details of Austrian gigs.

Olaf Herrmann for the venue and support corrections.

Gert Pedersen for the Aarhus February 73 details and his personal recollections, fascinating to read and included in full against the show-Cheers!

Michael Huck for gig, venue and setlist confirmations. Thank you!

Rainer Glienke for the German support band updates from 73/74.

Peter Cross for the Liverpool 1970 show confirmation details.

Valerio Gabrielli for the Bologna support act correction for the 1971 show.

Nigel Young for the 2008 German setlists. Nigel is writing the definitive opus on Purple from 1968-76, more details as I get them....

In addition, all the countless people who've contacted me with the correct locations and spellings for venues, personal memories and memorabilia are all due a massive vote of thanks for their help. The intention is that all this information is available to everyone and the vast majority of the data here has been contributed by too many people to mention. I thaaaaaank you! (And I'll buy you a pint next time I see you!)

Cheers for now,