Title:           Autumn of 1971

Type:          Bootleg/3CD

Cat No:       BON247/8/9

Origin:         Japan

Source:      Audience

Track list:

Disc 1:

HIghway Star/Strange Kind Of Woman/No No No/Child In Time

Disc 2:

The Mule (Inc drum solo/Lazy/Fireball/Speed King/Lucille

Disc 3:

Speed King/Strange Kind Of Woman/Child In Time/Mandrake Root

Notes:   Nice bluesy "Strange Kind Of Woman", "Highway Star" is ace too. Disc 3 is from Austria on 4th September, presumably to highlight the huge setlist changes in such a short period. The fact that this show from Bournemouth has turned up in April 2002 and is very good quality for the time has me hoping for other tapes. Amazing what keeps turning up-Recommended title, though disc 3 is somewhat unnecessary, already in circulation and not as good as existing tapes.