Title:         A.BanD.On Tour

Type:        Bootleg/2CD

Cat No:    Vipera CLV 16 112997

Origin:       Japan

Source:     Audience

Track list:

Disc 1:

Hush/Bloodsucker/Strange Kind Of Woman /Ted The Mechanic/Pictures Of Home/Fingers To The Bone/Almost Human/Woman From Tokyo/Watching The Sky/Seventh Heaven/Guitar Solo/Smoke On The Water

Disc 2:

Evil Louie/Keyboard Solo/Lazy/Perfect Strangers/Speed king/Any Fool Know That (sic)/Highway Star

+ Cascades:I'm Not Your Lover/Woman From Tokyo/Rosas Cantina/No One Came from Pittsburgh 6 December 1996

Notes:   Another very clear audience recording from the /-\ tour, note the eclectic bonus tracks. Unusual these days to see a properly pressed title, but it was worth the effort. Gillan is a bit rough but the sound is very clear throughout and the performance is well above par.

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