Title:           Get It While It Tastes

Type:          Bootleg/1LP

Cat No:      Marc DP76045

Origin:         Japan

Source:       Audience

Track list:

Side 1:

Burn/Lady Luck/Love Child/Smoke On The Water/Wild Dogs

Side 2:

I Need Love/You Keep On Moving/Stormbringer/Highway Star

Notes:     Audience job, fairly good quality. Useful to see where edits have been made on the `Last Concert In Japan set'. Not full set, but the gig was atrocious anyway, as tapes bear testament. Also seen with catalogue number SLA0030698 with rising sun sleeve, with some copies pressed in red vinyl.

Title:           Manifest[The worst ever album sleeve?!]

Type:          Pirate/1LP

Cat No:      DP1200

Origin:         Singapore?

Source:       Soundboard

Track list:

Side 1:

Burn/Love Child/You Keep On Moving/Wild Dogs

Side 2:

Lady Luck/Smoke On The Water/Soldier Of Fortune/Woman From Tokyo/Highway Star

Notes:     Crass sleeve, pressing good. Touted as a great live recording from December 77 (!!). It is good quality, as it's a straight copy off of the official Last Concert In Japan album! 

Title:           More Tastes

Type:          Bootleg/2CD

Cat No:      SC-9447-18/19

Origin:         Japan

Source:       Audience

Track list:

Disc 1:

Burn/Lady Luck/Love Child/Gettin Tighter/Smoke On The Water/Wild Dogs/I Need Love/Soldier Of Fortune

Disc 2:

This Time Around/Owed To G/Drifter/You Keep On Moving/Stormbringer/Highway Star

+ Fireball (source unknown), You Fool No-one (Live In London) and Hush (Playboy After Dark TV show)

Notes:     Fair audience recording of the entire "Last Concert...." show. Redundant with the release of the full set officially.