Title:           Perks And Tit

Type:          Bootleg/1LP

Cat No:      TAKRL/1930

Origin:         USA

Source:       TV broadcast/singles

Track list:

Side 1:

Burn/Might Just Take Your Life/Smoke On The Water (Cal Jam)/Emmereta (single)/Black Night (single)

Side 2:

Lay Down Stay Down/Mistreated/When A Blindman Cries (single)/I'm Alone (single)

Notes:     Four tracks from a short TV broadcast-Where's the video tape, and where's the rest of the show?! Bit of an odd collection, but the inclusion of the (at the time) rare singles is valid.Live track quality and performance is great-Worth getting a tape of, the originals are like rocking horse shit.

Title:           Burning Passion

Type:          Bootleg/1CD

Cat No:       Crystal Sound

Origin:         Europe

Source:       TV broadcast/Radio

Track list:

Disc 1:

Burn/Might Just Take Your Life/Lay Down Stay Down/Mistreated

+Blues/You Fool No-One/Drum Solo/The Mule/Space Truckin (Kilburn, 22 May 1974)