Title:           Whiter Shade Of Purple[Oh God, who dressed you guys?!]

Type:          Bootleg/2CD

Cat No:      Nightlife N040/041

Origin:        Japan

Source:      Audience

Track list:

Disc 1:

Burn/Black Night/Truth Hurts/The Cut Runs Deep/Hush/Perfect Strangers/Fire In The Basement/King Of Dreams/Love Conquers All

Disc 2:

Ritchies Blues/Difficult To Cure/Keyboard solo/Knocking At Your Backdoor/Lazy/Highway Star/Smoke On The Water/Woman From Tokyo

+ A Whiter Shade Of Pale/King Of Dreams /Jon speaks to the crowd/Love Conquers All from London  16 March 1991

Notes:    Initially available with 6 trading cards(!), the sound is pretty good-Re-live the shocking nadir that was Purple doing Procol Harum!