Title:         Made In Turkey

Type:        Bootleg/2CDR

Cat No:    

Origin:       Japan

Source:     Audience

Track list:

Disc 1:

Hush/Bludsucker/Strange Kind Of Woman/Ted The Mechanic/Pictures Of Home/Fingers To The Bone/Almost Human/Woman From Tokyo/Watching The Sky

Disc 2:

Seventh Heaven/guitar solo/Smoke On The Water/Evil Louie/keyboard solo/Lazy/Perfect Strangers/Speed King/Any Fule Kno That/Highway Star/Black Night


Turks got treated to three encores this night-Not a bad show, quality not as good as some of the later boots, but alot of energy nad atmosphere. The new stuff sounds a little ragged, with the exception of the tracks played on the House Of Blues tour.